All about us

The foundation carries out charitable activities and since 2019 it has also been registered in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.

It plays an important role in helping the poor and the vulnerable; orphans under 18 years of age, widows, people with disabilities and chronic conditions. The foundation supports a number of promising students who have chosen to pursue careers in the fields of education, medicine, architecture and civil engineering in the hope they will contribute to positively changing their respective communities. The main effort of Little Bits of Good is focused on alleviating poverty which is rampant in Skopje and educating the new generation of young, aspiring professionals.

We strive to minimize our administrative expenses and keep them well under 5 % which is recommended by the government of Canada for registered charities. Our yearly financial reports are reviewed and audited by Mazars based in Montreal and we adhere to full transparency and accountability↗.

The most recent powerful and devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have compelled us to expand the scope and nature of our activities in order to do the little bit of good that we can in order to provide shelter for homeless earthquake victims.